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Survival and survivalism is risky and may result in injury or death.  You should seek consultation with a licensed, appropriate, and competent medical practitioner before trying anything.

The laws regarding survival are in a constant state of change in most countries.  As an example, some new laws seem to suggest that here in the United States, it is illegal to stock pile more than 1 week's worth of food once the President declares a national state of emergency. UNDERSTAND THIS: the author of this website is not a lawyer nor a legal expert in any jurisdiction.  You should consult with an appropriate licensed attorney to be sure you know the appropriate laws in any jurisdictions relevant to you before engaging in any survival preparedness.

Legal, accounting, life-saving, or live-preserving advice is NOT given on this site.  This site merely represents the unlicensed opinions of one person.  This information may be wrong, inaccurate, or even dangerous.  Please do your own research and remember that your use of any information on this site is at your own risk.

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