If you're new to this whole survival thing (also called "prepping") then some of the terms found around some of the best sites can leave one a little lost (which is why I take out all these survivalisms from my posts).  With that in mind, let me give you a quick run down of some of the things you are likely to find.

  • TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It
    This typically refers to a break down in civil order so complete that the government essentially fails to function
  • TSHTF = The Shit Hits The Fan
    Really these two means almost any event that requires you to use survival skills (such as a major natural disaster).  TSHTF is much more likely to occur for many people than a full TEOTWAWKI.  Keep in mind also that a number of other things can be included here.  WTSHTF is "when the shit hits the fan" ... or ITSHTF is "if the shit hits the fan."  Hope this makes sense.
  • BO = Bug Out (you have to get out of town ... quick)
    Really kind of self explanatory.  If there's a disaster or something and you need to leave your home.
  • GOOD = Get Out Of Dodge (same as BO above)
  • BOB = Bug Out Bag
    This is a ready to go bag of stuff that can allow you to survive a bug out for an extended period of time (a few days to months).
  • GHB = Get Home Bag
    This has a wide enough variety of uses that pinning an exact definition is actually harder than the words seem to mean.  A GHB can be something carried in your car that helps you make it home should some disaster happen.  It can also be a "subset" of your BOB designed to make sure you make it back home after a BO.
  • BOL = Bug Out Location
    Your planned location(s) (hopefully you have at least 2) for a bug out.
  • SF = Survival Firearm
    Every bug out bag (and "go" bag as well) should have (in my opinion) a pistol and a rifle.  These are your SFs
  • SG = Survival Gun
    Same as SF above
  • SW = Survival Weapon
    A bit of a broader definition as an SW can be a firearm or almost anything else.  I personally include in my arsenal of SWs my firearms and my hefty walking stick.  I personally DO NOT include my knives as an SW for the simple reason that it looks like a weapon.  If I want something that looks like a weapon I'll use my SF.  Knives actually kind of suck for self defense unless you've got nothing else.
  • Prepper = Someone preparing for a disaster of almost any kind
  • Prepping = The act of preparing for a disaster of almost any kind

On that note, let me point something out.  This whole thing (survivalism or prepping) involves the preparation for  a natural disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, major tornado, or whatever as much as it involves preparing for a break down in civil order.

I will be adding to this list, the current iteration is little more than the things I pulled off the top of my head.

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