Monday, July 15, 2013

Stock piling food effectively ILLEGAL

President Obama signed an executive order late last year that was a bit shocking.  Basically it said that if you have more than three days of pre-packaged food, and a state of emergency was declared, then you had to turn over your food to authorities ... or face felony charges.  This law applies only to individuals an not to corporations (such as grocery stores or trucking companies)

Now honestly, I didn't think this executive order carried enough weight to actually allow the president to declare someone a felon simply because they were prepared.

Further, the order so grossly and obviously targets the prepper community that I also didn't think it would hold up in court.

Well here's the thing ... possibly it won't hold up in court.  That doesn't mean that some FBI agent won't still get to throw you in federal prison for God only knows how long until your case works its way through the court system if there is some kind of declared emergency and you are caught with large amounts of stock piled food.

That means that for all intents and purposes, right now, stock piling food is illegal.  Well, not illegal, just not worth it.  I mean, why stock pile the food if you're just going to have to turn it over to inept FEMA morons?

Now before I hear any foolish "pry it from my cold, dead, fingers" nonsense, lets be clear ... you can't fight the FBI.  Head on out to Waco if you have any foolish notions that you can.  And seriously, you shouldn't even TRY to fight them or even get around the executive order either.  There's simply no reason to.

The executive order however mentions only "pre-packaged" foods.  It leaves food growing in your garden alone.  The problem is that most gardens don't really produce enough food to be adequate for a survival situation.

AquaPonics on the other hand is a different story.  An AquaPonics system, grown "vertically" (meaning multiple things stacked" can produce ENORMOUS amounts of both food and fish that can keep you, your family, and probably your neighbors in good stead. (the system shown in the picture is a "horizontal" system with only two levels.  There's better ways of doing it)

If things get really bad then your ability to produce food for barter and other things can mean the difference between simple survival and actually thriving during a full blown "shit has hit the fan" type of scenario.

The great thing about AquaPonics is that it's both easy and remarkably non-time consuming.  Personally I'm not a good gardener or farmer.  Neither are my wife and kids.  In fact collectively we typically have a hard time keeping cactus alive in our house (seriously).

However the nature of how AquaPonics functions means that we have ZERO difficulty producing what amounts to a small mountain of food, most of which we can't even eat because our system "out produces" what we can consume.

The Bottom Line: If you're a prepper, it's time to stop stockpiling food and instead learning aquaponics.

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