Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The truth about survival self-defense

I do a fair bit of classes and like in the survival space. That, combined with the several other businesses I run (along with a few health issues) has meant that I haven't posted here for quite some time.

However, how much time I spend teaching survival techniques and tactics means that I get to interface with a lot of people.  Because of how I do "testing" with what I teach it also means that I get to see how people are likely to react in live survival situations.

I've said this before in the past, and I'm going to say it again.  If you are thinking of your firearm as a self-defense weapon you are probably making a HUGE mistake.  Amazingly few people can kill a wild animal when they are half starved.  Squeezing a trigger on a human you're looking right at is quite a bit more difficult.

The thing is, I see it ALL THE TIME.  People who say they can go hunting and kill an animal even though they've never been.  But when push comes to shove, killing another living thing IS NOT EASY.

Killing another human being is VERY hard.  Why else do you think soldiers come back so mentally messed up?  It's the killing of other humans that does it.  It's the knowledge that every time the trigger is squeezed you're trying to kill someone.

Even soldiers who have spent their childhood with a parent out hunting in the woods and killing various and sundry wild animals STILL come back from having to kill people messed up mentally.

It is something not spoken about at all, but without exception, every single special operations soldier I have ever known (myself included) has got some issues from killing people.  Yes, it's true that most of us do a very good job of hiding it, but the problems are still there.

So let me give you the truth about surviving ... and the whole "prepping" thing in general.

If you aren't actively studying a method of self defense then I honestly have no idea what you think you're prepping for.  If you have a bunch of food and a starving mob figures out that you have it, do you really think they aren't going to try and take it from you? (which by the way, did you know that stock piling food is now ILLEGAL ... a post on that hopefully soon)

Not only that, actually practicing self defense is particularly important for women.  In a  SHTF situation your ammo won't last forever no matter how much you have, sooner or later it's going to run out.  Then what?

Now, let me give you another truth ... most forms of "self defense" won't actually help you to defend yourself much in a down and dirty fight. for your life.

When it comes to self defense, the only forms that matter are Krav Maga (easily the best), Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (of particular benefit for women) ... and possibly Eskima (which is tough to find outside the Phillipines).

If you have a Krav Maga studio ... and I mean a REAL Krav Maga studio that has instructors licensed and trained through krav maga global ... then whether a man or woman this is without question your best option.  The great thing about Krav Maga is it is AMAZING at teaching "situational awareness" as well.

If you can afford it, throwing in a couple of months of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu a couple of times a year is also advised as well, again especially for women.

If you can't defend yourself hand-to-hand then you aren't actually prepping for any sort of disaster.  If you are a man and you aren't making VERY sure that the women around you can defend themselves then you are just asking to have survivors guilt if there is a disaster.

Self defense is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of being a prepper.  And please don't think of your firearm as an actual method of self defense.  It probably isn't.

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