Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Quick Tips For Better Shooting

I see a lot of people shooting and most of them have what I call "buckshot" on their targets.  In other words, their shots are all over the place with very little grouping.

In a survival situation that can mean not hitting that animal you're hoping to use as a meal ... or worse, not hitting an assailant and being killed.

I'm going to be going much more indepth on this subject, but here are 3 tips you can put into place immediately to shoot better.

1) Squeeze the trigger
I see it all the time, and even more often I hear it.  People "pull" the trigger.  Folks, pulling the trigger will also "pull" your firearm slightly off target.  A trigger is supposed to be SQUEEZED.

2) Squeeze on the exhale
When you are firing, try exhaling only about half way ... basically to where it's comfortable.  Re-find the center of your intended target, RELAX, then squeeze.  The reason for firing from an exhaled position is simple ... your muscles will "twitch" less, there will be less "tremor".  That makes it much easier to fire on target, especially if your target is some distance off where minute changes mean a lot.

3) Squeeze SLOWLY
Again, too many people "slap" at the trigger, pulling at it quickly.  Your trigger probably has a half inch distance to go before the firing pin hits the round ... not very far.  Take your time, squeeze the trigger slowly focusing on your target.

Put these three together and what you have is a situation of firing in an easy relaxed manner.

Most people, if they just follow these three tips will find that they get much more accurate.

Now I know that I said this was going to be 3 tips ... but let me give you a forth.

4) DO NOT anticipate the firearm going off.  Keep yourself relaxed and watching the target without flinching or closing your eyes just before you get to the top of the trigger squeeze.  Eyes always on target!

Hope this helps

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