Friday, December 23, 2011

The missing bug bag item

If you've been studying or following survivalism for any period of time, then bug out bags are something you're at least familiar with.

In fact I talked in my last post about how to learn how to go beyond simply survival during a bug out, but actually thrive and have fund doing it.

However, no matter how much "thriving" you do, a bug out is going to be a very high stress situation.  Therefore, I find it almost odd that NO ONE talks about the necessity to have some pictures of loved ones in your bug out bag.

Now, I'm not talking about pictures in frames.  I mean just the paper.  That way you can keep a sense of connection even if your bug out location is extremely remote (and the more remote the better).

So add some pictures to your bug out bag ... smallish ones that you can keep one picture to a single sandwhich bag so that even in bad weather they stay in decent condition.

What do you think?

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