Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Male Mistake

With a firearm in our hands we men can feel pretty invulnerable, especially if we know how to use it properly.

The problem with a firearm as a weapon of self defense is that VERY few adults can actually shoot someone without a fair bit of hesitation.  The military has to spend time training this natural hesitancy out of its infantry.

An adult typically understands what it means to squeeze the trigger in a way a child does not.  Believe it or not, a well trained, reasonably accurate marksman of a 10 year old child will find a firearm more valuable as a personal safety weapon than a 40 year old Dad.  The 10 year old is much less likely to hesitate should the need arise than the 40 year old.

This is exactly why I have spent most of my posts here on a blog about survival on self defense.  In my opinion, someone planning to survive a disaster that can't adequately defend themself isn't really planning to survive a disaster.

That means men need a way of defending themselves against other men.  Personally, I really like a plain old walking stick.  It doesn't look like a "weapon" the way a knife does (thus potentially lulling an attacker into a false sense of security) but when used correctly can cause insane damage.

Now here's the thing.  Far too many people swing for the head or even the body.  The truth is, you want to go after arms and especially legs.  A male will need to keep another male "at distance" until the attacker is disabled and can then move in to incapacitate.

So, if you're a man do you have a hardwood, decent length walking stick as part of your bug out bag?

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