Monday, December 26, 2011

Where women go wrong in defending against a man

When women try to defend themselves against a man, they will often try to keep the man away from them.  They will lash out, often trying a kick at the groin, and then running away.

This is a HUGE mistake.  First, it's much harder than most women believe to actually kick the groin.  So what happens is that only the inner thigh somewhere is hit, which does hurt a little.  But now, when she runs away, she's dealing with someone that is now going to be much more aware of potential attacks and will be ready for them.  Not to mention being much more likely to react violently.

A woman needs to keep a male attacker VERY close until he is absolutely incapacitated.  At arms length distance, a woman has preciously little hope of defeating a man.  At elbows length distance however things are different.

In fact, ideally a woman will get a man so close to her that she can raise her foot and stomp down on the top of his without him even seeing it happen until the small bones along the top of his foot break and he's in excruciating pain.  The top of the foot has a lot of small bones, is easy to hit, and even the strongest "jack boots" don't protect this area very well.

Now that he's suddenly in pain and bending down, the next areas to think about are the nose or the back of the neck, depending on his reaction.  Even a relatively tiny woman can easily knock a full grown man out with a blow to the base of the skull.

Or, if it's the nose, kicking the head back (even if you don't break it) then leaves the man little ability to defend against a KNEE to the groin.

At no time should a woman try to "kick with her foot" at the groin of a man.  A knee however is entirely different, especially if his head is back or he's back pedalling because he just got smashed in the nose.

Finally, once a woman has started something like this SHE CAN NOT STOP until he is on the ground and absolutely not moving. Keep attacking, keep going after the back of the neck, the throat (strikes, not strangles), even the abdomen if he's fallen and the woman is on her feet (stomping down on someone's stomach is likely to leave them unable to move very far for a while).

Bottom line ... the age old saying "keep your enemies close" applies here.  If you're a woman then you want a male attacker as close to you as possible until he has no ability to even get up and walk after you, let alone chase you.

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