Friday, December 16, 2011

Survival starts with self defense

In far too many cases online, I see "survival" sites talking about survival in terms of food and water, "bug out bags", starting fires, and so on.  In those few cases where self defense is talked about, it's in terms of using some kind of firearm.

The problem is that not many people can easily shoot another person.  For that matter a fairly significant portion of people can't even shoot an animal, let alone a person.

That means if your primary mechanism of self defense is your firearm then you are actually extremely vulnerable to an attacker.

You see here's the problem, while having food and water to survive a disaster is important ... it's EVERY BIT IF NOT MORE important to be able to defend the food and water that you have.

Fire's create light and often smoke, both of which are fairly easy to see from a long distance in the event "the grid is down" or you have "bugged out" and you're in the woods or something.  That means in the event of some kind of event which requires you to use your survival skills the only question is, "how long will it take until I must defend myself, my family, my food, and my water?"

The question is not IF you will need defense ... only when you will need to do it.  And in the event of massive civil unrest, you can count on that happening much sooner rather than later.  Not only that, unrest happens with very little real warning which means you may find yourself in a situation of having to defend yourself quite quickly.

Where it becomes even more important is with women.  A woman NEEDS to know how to defend herself against a man.  Where it gets really ugly is that most martial arts and MMA classes will not teach anything remotely close to the correct strategies and techniques a woman needs.

A woman attempting to use normal martial arts, or even some of the more extreme MMA techniques is going to get hurt.

I'm going to try, in later posts, to talk about self defense for both men and women separately.

Then I'm going to cover PROPER techniques for how to correctly shoot a firearm.

And of course I'll get into firebuilding, what should go in a "bug out bag", and those sorts of things as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask.

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