Monday, January 2, 2012

Are you "go" ready?

I've been talking a lot about the "bug out bag" because it's so important.  There are a number of sites that talk about what should be in it and all that good stuff, and honestly I'll be doing this as well myself in later posts.

Before I get into WHAT should be in your bug out bag, I want to cover an important concept first.  In certain "communities" there is what is known as the "go" bag.  The idea is the same as a survivalists bug out bag, in fact they are nearly identical.

The difference is that people that talk about "go bags" understand that this is something "go ready".  It's something that is right now.  Now prep time, no messing around ... grab and go.

I know lots of people that have a bug out bag that isn't "go ready".  They would need to grab a firearm and ammunition.  I knew one person that stored the food for their bug out bag in their basement but their bag was kept in their bedroom on the second floor.

This isn't good.  A bug out bag NEEDS to be "go ready".  In the event a bug out becomes neccessary time will be a very precious commodity and you do NOT want to put yourself in the position of having to do ANYTHING other than grab it and go.

Your basic survival firearm should be in it along with plenty of ammunition, food, water, methods for making water depending on where you live, methods for making fire, shelter, sleeping gear, cooking gear, and so on.

Is your bug out bag "go ready"?

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