Thursday, January 12, 2012

Communication when normal methods stop working.

Today the Survival Blog posted an absolutely FANTASTIC article.  That article talked about intelligence and intelligence gathering.

I would like to address a part of that post that actually only got about a paragraph.  (please understand that's not a critique of the post, like I said it was fantastic ... one post can't cover everything)

The section had to do with communications.

Let me ask you a question, TSHTF (the shit hits the fan) and your family is all over the place.  Does your family know where to go and what to do?

If one of you is delayed how will you communicate?

Understand something, in MOST major disasters your cell phone won't work either because towers are down, there's no power, or the phone system is being overwhelmed.

So how does communications occur?

What is your back up communications plan?

What about any children? How will you communicate with them should there be a widespread outage of the phone networks?

This article, also on the survival blog gives a great method for handling this.

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