Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can you eat?

That's a big question I ask people that hire me to consult with them about survival.

Can you eat?

Most of the time I'm greeted with a blank stare wondering what I'm talking about followed by a, "yeah ... of course."

So I take them to their bug out location, take their food away and ask them to start eating at which point they mention that I just took their food away.

So let me ask you something.  Let say a bug out becomes necessary.  Worse, it becomes necessary for the bug out to last longer than the food you have in your bug out bag.

Can you eat?

Most people would talk about hunting.  The problem is that once you start hunting you'll find that not long afterwards the prey you are hunting starts learning there is a predator and starts avoiding your area.

The truth of the matter is that if you truly want to survive you need to be able to READILY identify the edible plants and roots.  Nearly everywhere plant life is far more abundant than animal or fish life.  It therefore makes far more sense to think much more "gather" than it is to think "hunt."

So, what plants exist BOTH of your bug out areas? (and you do have two of them, a primary and a back up bug out location correct))

Can you easily go out to your bug out location and survive on little more than what you can gather from those edible plants?

On that note, let me say something.  If you can build a fire, and if you're smart and your bug out bag includes things you can cook with, then you can make soups.  They are easy to make and if you throw plenty of variety into them are often pretty tasty.

If you don't know what edible plants are available where your planned bug out locations are, now is the best time to start learning.  Often it doesn't take much more than a few internet searches to learn this information.  Now you just print it out, and make sure that you can quickly and easily identify the plants you can get food from (berries, roots, leaves, etc).  MAKE SURE that you can do this even in fairly dim light!!!

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