Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plastic wrap? What for?

Semi-recently I gave a post about what I thought should be in your bug out bag.

I have to admit something now.  The list of items that I thought should be in a bug out bag was purposely incomplete.

That list included the obvious things.

It did leave a couple of things out, and I'd like to talk about one of them now ... plastic wrap.

In my opinion plastic wrap is a VITAL bug out bag item.  In fact I also include plastic wrap in my go bag as well (meaning that list was also incomplete).

The reason that plastic wrap should be included has to do with it's versatility.  It can be used to keep water out of things (or away from it), it can be used to assist with water generation (I'll explain this technique in later posts), it can be used in first aid, and so on.

I go to a "club store" like costco or sams club and I've got pretty large rolls of the stuff in my bags.

Think about including plastic wrap in your bug out bag.

What do you think?

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